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Oct 20

Buying likes will increase attention to your IG account

By Michelle Turner | Marketing , Software , Technology

Buying Instagram likes is something more and more Instagram account holders seem to be doing lately. With so many doing it, though, is buying Instagram likes a smart thing to do or are there negatives that could cause problems for you?

Buying likes will increase attention to your account — When a photograph has many likes, it gets to the attention of more people.

This is partly due to people just stumbling across it when searching for a particular hashtag. It is also partly due to Instagram promoting photos with more likes.

Plus, as people are sheep, the more likes you have the more new ones you will get.

Buying Instagram likes will increase your engagement — The sign of a popular account is one that has a higher level of engagement. What that means is either more likes or more comments.

If you buy Instagram likes, your level of engagement will immediately rise. This will bring your account to the attention of Instagram who may promote you, as well as bring your account to potential sponsors.

Buying likes could damage your reputation — If you have only ever ended up with a handful of likes on every photo, and suddenly you have thousands, not only Instagram will notice but so will your followers.

This can end up damaging your reputation as people realize your account is not genuine at all, and is just an account that is buying attention instead of working hard to deserve it.

Buying likes could cause your account to be closed — If you buy too many likes, it could also bring your photos and then your account to the attention of Instagram.

If you have bought a large number of likes compared to the number of followers you have, Instagram may decide you are trying to buy attention and close your account. If that happens, you would lose access to all your photographs as well as have people realizing your account was nothing but one big scam.

How should you grow your account if you do not buy likes? — You can buy likes and followers, but you should buy both in low numbers. No more than 100 at a time.

Do this, and you may find you only need to buy a couple of hundred followers and likes before your Instagram account grows of its own accord.

Put in the work — Or you could decide not to buy anything at all and, instead, put in the work necessary to have a popular account.

This includes uploading pretty photographs every day, commenting on other people’s photos and liking them and, of course, following other people every day as well.

You should also make sure every photo on your account is the best one possible, that you use the right hashtags to draw attention to it and that the look of your account is consistent.

If you do all of these things instead of buying Instagram likes, you may be surprised at how quickly your account grows of its own accord.

Sep 11

Your IG: How to take it to the next level!

By Michelle Turner | Marketing

Growing an Instagram fan base can be tough work, but there are a few tried and true methods that are sure to increase the number of followers on an account. By taking a look at some of the biggest accounts with millions of followers, they all have a few things in common that can be used to increase the strength of a profile.

Posting regularly is a sure way to attract new viewers; people are clicking the “follow” button so that they can be entertained multiple times per day, not just to add yet another number to their “following” count. Many top Instagram accounts are posting upwards of 5 times a day, however it is important to note that posting in excess of 10 times in a single day can be overwhelming and be viewed as “spamming” people’s Insta-feeds; therefore it is important to find the happy medium somewhere in the middle.

Using multiple hashtags on a post also attracts a lot of new followers; it makes posts available to people who aren’t already following an account. If someone searches for a specific hashtag it will bring up every picture that is tagged with the keyword; the more hashtags on a picture the more likely it is to come up in people’s individual searches. If the clutter of hashtags next to the title of a post is undesirable, then a comment with all the hashtags can be used instead; this will still draw people to the post while making the hashtags invisible unless you click into the comment. It is not uncommon to use 20 or more hashtags on a single picture, but there really is no limit to how many can be used.

Picking a theme and sticking with it seems to be consistent across almost all successful Instagram accounts. There are countless themes to pick from; there are fitness pages, modeling pages, automotive, travel, cooking, the list goes on and on. The benefit of a themed account is that people will find an account’s posts by means of hashtag searches, and then find many similar posts on that specific page after clicking on a single post from their search. Chances are, if they are looking for the hashtag, then it is something which they are interested in. If they find a page with a lot of their interests, then they are much more likely to click on the follow button than if there is just a couple of posts that they like on the page.

One of the most important aspects is remaining motivated to continue the upward growth, without becoming discouraged. Instagram accounts do not gather 10,000 followers in one night, they take time and consistency. Once a solid base is formed, followers attract followers, and there is an exponential increase in the amount of growth per day. By following the aforementioned techniques, an account is sure to get to this point in as little time as possible, but you can also buy some likes and followers here:

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