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May 25

Technology: Personal Drones

By Michelle Turner | Drones , Easy Drones , UAV's

Drones are ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAV’s) that are a testament to the advancement of technology in present day. A personal drone is a UAV that individuals can use to make their work easier and achieve aerial objectives that were once impossible a few years back. Drones are far friendlier than most of us think, and below are some of the reasons why these aerial vehicles deserve a place in the skies.
Top 5 Advantages Of Using Drones

They are affordable – Drones have come to replace many tasks that required the use of planes, which arevery expensive to use, maintain, and operate. Compared to a plane, the drone acquisition and operation charges are almost negligible.One can operate drones at any time – Unlike the case where a mission is dependent on a pilot’s need for rest, safety, and security, drones can operate at any time for an unlimited amount of time.They are ideal for surveillance – Whenever someone wanted to have an amazing overhead view of objects that were too high up, the logistics involved would have made it impossible for that to happen. But thanks to drones, these days there is nothing too high up or too far away we cannot get a great view of.They offer pin-point accuracy – Drones are far more accurate than a human being under any conditions with regard to collection of data or execution of a specific task. Drones are can now execute tasks with pin-point accuracy.

They save lives – Thanks to the use of drones in military and other high-risk operations, there is no need of sending people to areas where they will likely end up getting hurt or losing their lives.

When drones are shot down, captured, or develop mechanical problems in the air, no life is ever put at risk or lost.

Most Common Uses Of Personal Drones
Drones are not the preserve of any particular field, but their applications span to as wide as the human being can think. Here are some of the most common uses of drones in our current society:

  • Still and video photography: Drones make it possible for photographers and videographers to capture amazing footage that was once impossible to capture, thanks to their flight capabilities.
  • Exploration: Drones are the ideal exploration equipment because they can get to places too hot for human beings to survive, too deep for anyone to get out of, and too risky to warrant traditional exploration.
  • Search and rescue: Drones can easily be used to coordinate search and rescue efforts where situations can get too dangerous without enough information.
  • Creation of virtual tours: With drone technology, people thousands of miles away from an attraction site can take a virtual and real-time tour of the site.
  • Child monitoring: In addition to security, catastrophe, and other high-risk monitoring, a drone can also be used to monitor a child at home or at the park.

Personal drone technology is amazing, owing to its numerous applications, its ease of use, its affordability, and the value it offers.

Regardless of who you are and where you are from, you will definitely find great use for a personal drone.

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