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Aug 18

By Michelle Turner | Technology

We used to envision that the future was filled with robots that helped humans with a variety of tasks. From computing information to dusting the blinds, robots could help us with projects that were overwhelming, difficult or routine. Although most people don’t have a pet robot these days, we are using technology in a multitude of ways that simulate what a robot could do.

Do you use technology to be more industrious? If so, you’re using it sensibly. Technology can help you get more accomplished. However, you could probably use technology to automate even more in your life.

Time management is something that people have been trying to harness since the dawn of industry. There are books, articles and courses available to teach you how to better manage your time. In most cases, efficient time management makes use of technology.

If you’re managing your time effectively, you’re probably making to-do lists and prioritizing your tasks. Are you using technology to automate processes? If you automate as many things as you can, you can get them off your plate so that you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

Social Media

Whether it’s for work or your personal life, posting on social media can use up a lot of time that you could otherwise be spending on more productive activities. You can use technology to automate this process. There are a variety of websites and apps that automatically cross-post on social media sites. You can also write up your posts and schedule them for publishing so that you only have to get sucked into the world of social media once a day.


You can use technology to respond to emails. Many email providers allow you to create templates to reply to messages. This is especially useful if you’re using email for business or customer service. If you tend to get the same requests over and over again, create a template response that you can add to a message with the click of your mouse.

You can also use technology to manage newsletter subscriptions. Some tools let you combine all of the newsletters that you receive into one daily digest. They also allow you to unsubscribe from multiple newsletters at once.


Technology can automate budgeting and paying bills. Don’t stress about remembering what payment is due on what date. Set your bills up for automatic payments to take this task off your schedule. Some financial programs sync with your bank account so that you can keep track of bills, your budget and actual payments.


You can use technology to keep track of your appointments and tasks. To-do list apps allow you to plug in everything on your schedule. You can sync them with electronic calendars to make sure that everything is in one place.

If you want to learn more about how technology can help you automate your life so that you’re free to do more of what you love, you’ve come to the right place. Our website is full of information about the latest technology that will help you become more efficient.

Although technology isn’t just about time management, it ultimately helps you increase the rate at which you get things done. Technology also helps you be more precise in many areas of your life. Browse through our database of knowledge about technology to learn how you can use it to improve your life.


Jun 17

Fashion Trends and Wearable Technology

By Michelle Turner | Technology

Years ago, an author by the name of William Gibson introduced the world to a genre of literature that would come to be known as “Cyberpunk.” In this genre, human beings and technology came together, with the characters relying heavily upon both wearable and implanted technology. Gibson’s first Cyberpunk books were published in the 1980s and now, many of those cybernetic gadgets are a reality.

What does the future hold for technology?

What does the future hold for technology?

Increasingly, technology plays an integral part in our everyday society. It is not unusual to see someone with a mile-tracking wrist device, or one that counts calories. Diabetics can now check their blood sugar without pricking their fingers, and almost everyone has a smartphone. Just a few years back, a mere earpiece that functions as a communications device was all the rage amongst those who could afford them. While Bluetooth headsets and fitness watches have their critics, their popularity is only growing. And while some of these trends have faded, new ones continue to emerge.

Wearable cameras, often mounted on the head, are common amongst the outdoors types, fitness trackers of all kind dominate the exercise community, and devices for tracking your children are the latest trends in this technological craze. Recently, at least one company announced an implantable chip that may be able to wean heroin addicts off of drugs for good. In the Cyberpunk literature, characters often wore fabrics that could change colors and textures at the character’s whim. These, too, have become a reality: Fabrics that can change color were introduced at a major fashion show just a few years ago.

Some of these advancements are scoffed at by adults, but children are growing up with them. There is at least one wristband specifically designed for online gaming, for example. Younger people love taking pictures of themselves, and with their friends, and wearable camera devices literally make taking these “selfies” a snap. In the face of an obesity epidemic, wearable devices that help diabetics keep track of their blood sugar levels can be lifesavers. And tracking devices make sure that children’s whereabouts are always known, or at least available, to their parents and authorities. These can prove especially helpful for those children with special needs.

While adults may not like the idea of William Gibson’s Dystopian Cyberpunk future, children have lived in a world with wearable technology since birth, and focus not on the possibly dire drawbacks, but the positive options they bring. With wearable technology, you can track your fitness, sleep schedule, blood sugar, cholesterol, and much more — not to mention the fashion choices, themselves. Keep track of the current technology trends:

Also check out this awesome short docu:

May 25

Technology: Personal Drones

By Michelle Turner | Drones , Easy Drones , UAV's

Drones are ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAV’s) that are a testament to the advancement of technology in present day. A personal drone is a UAV that individuals can use to make their work easier and achieve aerial objectives that were once impossible a few years back. Drones are far friendlier than most of us think, and below are some of the reasons why these aerial vehicles deserve a place in the skies.
Top 5 Advantages Of Using Drones

They are affordable – Drones have come to replace many tasks that required the use of planes, which arevery expensive to use, maintain, and operate. Compared to a plane, the drone acquisition and operation charges are almost negligible.One can operate drones at any time – Unlike the case where a mission is dependent on a pilot’s need for rest, safety, and security, drones can operate at any time for an unlimited amount of time.They are ideal for surveillance – Whenever someone wanted to have an amazing overhead view of objects that were too high up, the logistics involved would have made it impossible for that to happen. But thanks to drones, these days there is nothing too high up or too far away we cannot get a great view of.They offer pin-point accuracy – Drones are far more accurate than a human being under any conditions with regard to collection of data or execution of a specific task. Drones are can now execute tasks with pin-point accuracy.

They save lives – Thanks to the use of drones in military and other high-risk operations, there is no need of sending people to areas where they will likely end up getting hurt or losing their lives.

When drones are shot down, captured, or develop mechanical problems in the air, no life is ever put at risk or lost.

Most Common Uses Of Personal Drones
Drones are not the preserve of any particular field, but their applications span to as wide as the human being can think. Here are some of the most common uses of drones in our current society:

  • Still and video photography: Drones make it possible for photographers and videographers to capture amazing footage that was once impossible to capture, thanks to their flight capabilities.
  • Exploration: Drones are the ideal exploration equipment because they can get to places too hot for human beings to survive, too deep for anyone to get out of, and too risky to warrant traditional exploration.
  • Search and rescue: Drones can easily be used to coordinate search and rescue efforts where situations can get too dangerous without enough information.
  • Creation of virtual tours: With drone technology, people thousands of miles away from an attraction site can take a virtual and real-time tour of the site.
  • Child monitoring: In addition to security, catastrophe, and other high-risk monitoring, a drone can also be used to monitor a child at home or at the park.

Personal drone technology is amazing, owing to its numerous applications, its ease of use, its affordability, and the value it offers.

Regardless of who you are and where you are from, you will definitely find great use for a personal drone.

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