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Sep 11

Your IG: How to take it to the next level!

By Michelle Turner | Marketing

Growing an Instagram fan base can be tough work, but there are a few tried and true methods that are sure to increase the number of followers on an account. By taking a look at some of the biggest accounts with millions of followers, they all have a few things in common that can be used to increase the strength of a profile.

Posting regularly is a sure way to attract new viewers; people are clicking the “follow” button so that they can be entertained multiple times per day, not just to add yet another number to their “following” count. Many top Instagram accounts are posting upwards of 5 times a day, however it is important to note that posting in excess of 10 times in a single day can be overwhelming and be viewed as “spamming” people’s Insta-feeds; therefore it is important to find the happy medium somewhere in the middle.

Using multiple hashtags on a post also attracts a lot of new followers; it makes posts available to people who aren’t already following an account. If someone searches for a specific hashtag it will bring up every picture that is tagged with the keyword; the more hashtags on a picture the more likely it is to come up in people’s individual searches. If the clutter of hashtags next to the title of a post is undesirable, then a comment with all the hashtags can be used instead; this will still draw people to the post while making the hashtags invisible unless you click into the comment. It is not uncommon to use 20 or more hashtags on a single picture, but there really is no limit to how many can be used.

Picking a theme and sticking with it seems to be consistent across almost all successful Instagram accounts. There are countless themes to pick from; there are fitness pages, modeling pages, automotive, travel, cooking, the list goes on and on. The benefit of a themed account is that people will find an account’s posts by means of hashtag searches, and then find many similar posts on that specific page after clicking on a single post from their search. Chances are, if they are looking for the hashtag, then it is something which they are interested in. If they find a page with a lot of their interests, then they are much more likely to click on the follow button than if there is just a couple of posts that they like on the page.

One of the most important aspects is remaining motivated to continue the upward growth, without becoming discouraged. Instagram accounts do not gather 10,000 followers in one night, they take time and consistency. Once a solid base is formed, followers attract followers, and there is an exponential increase in the amount of growth per day. By following the aforementioned techniques, an account is sure to get to this point in as little time as possible, but you can also buy some likes and followers here:

Sep 01

Making a Move to the Top with your IG Account

By Michelle Turner | Computers , Technology

One of the sad truths about social media is that these spaces can be so crowded that you often will have your content lost if you are not already the leader in your particular niche. Not only are you dealing with an abundance of new competition, you are dealing with a flood of posts by the house. Luckily for you, now you are being exposed to the hidden truth to growing an Instagram account is buying followers from services like

Making a Move to the Top

If you were to try and get near the top of any niche by search engine optimization techniques, you are going to discover that you will be lost in that crowd in short order. There are too many new profiles and pages being created each day that you could never climb to the top without help. Luckily, growing an Instagram account by buying followers gives you the opportunity to quickly pass all the competition and position yourself as the leader in your niche now. Once you get to the top, then you can make efforts to stay there, but the key is getting there first.

Engaging Visitors on a Regular Basis

Now that you are at the top, you can start to distance yourself from all the others in your niche trying to get the attention of those same visitors. Organic traffic is going to start peeking in at your content, and they are going to want to see what got so many followers excited to want to pump up your numbers. Don’t rely on those big numbers alone, you must start positing fresh and new content every day at the same time to give traffic reasons to come back every day. Now that you already have the big numbers, you can easily start to focus your efforts on producing the best possible content possible that will get the most visitors excited to interact with posts, pictures, and videos too. The key here is making sure that you post daily so that you stay on their minds all the time.

Watching the Visitors Make Your Job Easier

You have the big numbers, you have the visitors interest, now watch what happens next. The good thing about social media is it is all about being social. Once you post something that interests your audience now, they will want to be the first in their inner circle to share it with the others. They take your posts or videos, and they tag friends who will come running over to see what is going on. They not only will like and tag you, they follow you and help to grow your following even faster than you thought possible all thanks to buying those initial followers.

Now you know that the hidden truth to growing an Instagram account is buying followers, so take advantage of this information today and begin to easily separate yourself from the crowd while you are expanding your global reach at the same time.

Aug 01

Advantages of using a VPN

By Michelle Turner | Computers , Software

A virtual private network, or VPN, is becoming increasingly more popular both in the business and private community and are even getting some news coverage. Understanding why VPNs are increasingly popular and what benefits they offer are critical to understand whether or not they are the right option for your own needs. It is best to start with the beginning to understand whether to proceed with VPN for your usage.

What is a VPN?

A WPN is a network that is accessed remotely, commonly through a secured login connection. The VPN can provide access to a central server that contains data or programs that are accessed on local machines. A user will log into this server through a VPN connection and gain access to the programs and files that are stored on the local server. Check available VPN out at

Advantages to Using a VPN for an Individual

Individuals who access VPN servers can gain access to information that they m find is prohibited in their local area. Online gambling sites may be banned in your residence but may be accessed through an international VPN connection. The same is true of certain local news sites in some countries and some other websites that provide television programming that may not be accessible internationally. Some individuals who want to enjoy heavy computing for gaming or programming purposes may use a VPN network while others want to save photos and other files on a joint network that their loved ones can access remotely.

Advantages to Using a VPN for an Business

Businesses can particularly benefit from using a VPN. Many businesses will offer employees the ability to work from home but to log in to centralized servers for the purpose of backing up files for safety reasons. Documentation can be easily shared by users using a VPN. Some professions such as certified public accountants and consultants spend a lot of time working in the field and connect to their VPN using logins from their clients. Doing so will not only provide for easy backups of data but will also expedite the review of files by partners or other superiors. A VPN will also let employees run certain programs that may have higher computing needs than local access machines that might be otherwise bogged down by the computing requirements. Using a VPN in these situations will let users have lighter and more affordable laptops to access the VPN which will run off of a more powerful server. A VPN will also potentially cut down on the number of licenses that are needed for the company to buy as they can park the licensed software on one central sever and have individual users access the server via the VPN connection thereby decreasing the number of licenses needed and saving costs. As such, a VPN allows businesses with the ability to save money with less licenses, improve the control over what users are accessing in terms of critical company data, and provide for regular backups of data to avoid data loss. These steps can prove to be particularly effective for a business in specific industries that want to control their network access but provide flexibility to employees.

Jul 11

The Need to Repair: When the PC is bugging out

By Michelle Turner | Computers , Games , Technology

Computers can malfunction all of the time. In most cases there is going to be a chance that the computer can be restored without the costs that are comparable to that of purchasing a new computer. The average person that does not work on computers will typically not know if they’re are going to be out of more money from repairs or replacing the PC. This is why it is good to have an IT professional that can diagnose the issue and give you solid information on how much it will cost to fix the issue.

The Need to Repair

The reality for most people that are utilizing computers on a regular basis is that there is a good chance that they will have a problem that is hardware related within the first 5 years of having the system. A hard drive can die or the memory can go bad. There can also be issues like the motherboard or the video card that can cease to work. This is why people have to get information for an IT professional and find out exactly how much this is actually going to take to repair it.

The Great Thing About Repairing Computers

One of the best things about repairing computers is that you can make small upgrades without spending a ton of money on a brand new systems. People that repair there hard drive or memory may take a chance to get a bigger hard drive or add more memory. This can give them access to a much faster computer with more storage without having to buy a completely new computer system.

It is always going to be a good idea to diagnose the problem for the computer before you go out and start window shopping for a new one. People that have viruses on their systems are typically the ones that panic sooner than everyone else. There are so many people that are looking for a chance to repair their systems, but they may assume that it is going to cost too much to do so. Once the virus invades the system people will instantly worry about losing their information on their hard drive.

Another thing that people love when they have computer repairs is the ease at which they can get the work done. There are some computer repair professionals, like computer repair london, that will actually help you. People do not have to leave their house in order to get their system issues resolved.

Save Money

Computers are an essential part of everyday life. People use these systems at work, and they also use computers when they are at home. There are so many uses for computers so it is definitely important to keep the number of an IT professional prepare person because they give you the chance to save money. You should never spend your time out buying a computer if you can simply get a computer repair person to do the repairs. This always makes more sense than trying to look for a brand new system that you may not be able to afford.

For additional support, you can check out the techsupport reddit:

Jul 10

What Are Pneumatic Fittings Used For?

By Michelle Turner | Technology

What Are Pneumatic Fittings Used For?

Pneumatic fittings are parts that are used to connect sections of tube, pipe and hose in pressurized gas systems. Unlike hydraulic fittings, pneumatic fittings have lower pressure requirements and tighter seals. Different types of vessels require different types of fittings. Hoses require fittings that are not permanent because a hose is replaced when it is worn. Unlike hoses which are flexible, pipes are rigid and made out of solid material. Tubes are defined by their outside diameter dimensions. They are also rigid and made from solid materials.

Let’s get into the details..

Pneumatic fittings are distinguished by the function it performs. They are attached by a different number of connection methods. Ball and sleeve fittings are ideal for applications that require frequent disconnection and reconnection. They connect an inner ball fitting to an outer sleeve. Compression fittings use metal gaskets, ferrules and rings to form a seal on the vessel through compression. Bite style fittings bite the vessel when it is compressed providing the seal. They give you a stronger pressure connection. Flared fittings have a flared or coned end. They can handle a wider range of operating applications and handle higher pressures. Placing a hose over a tubular end crimping it against ring, sleeve or crimp socket is called crimp fitting. Push-to-connect fittings disconnect from a type of collar retraction. This is also an ideal fitting for systems that frequently disconnect and connect. Threaded fittings have screw heads on both their inner and outer services. They are designed to accept matching thread connections. These threads are in important because they provide a “dry fit” which helps prevent corrosion and contamination.

There are a variety of types of fittings found in pneumatic systems that perform different functions. The adapter and coupling connect two pipes together by either soldering, threading or solvent welding. The cap covers the end of the section and attaches around the pipe via a weld. The plug attaches inside the pipe and closes off the flow at the end of a section. There are also pneumatic fittings that change or add direction. An elbow fitting changes the flow to different angles. A tee fitting allows fluid flow to be split apart in t-shaped intersection. A 4-way connection that provides three outlets and one inlet is a cross fitting. A standard nipple connects two separate fittings to each other.

Once you have determined the proper fitting you will need to determine the proper sizing. If you choose a fitting that is not properly sized, it will connect and seal inadequately. To determine the size of the pneumatic fitting, you will need to size the vessel it is being connected to. The fitting material is an important factor when it comes to pneumatic fittings. They can either be plastics, composites or metals. Metals can be aluminum which is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Brass is also very strong and is the most common metal used for smaller threaded fitting. It has excellent performance abilities and machinability. Steel has a high resistance to heat and an alloy of iron and carbon. Stainless steel is chemical and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel has the same strength and durability as steel. Plastics are used for temperature requirements above 500 degrees F. They have proven to be excellent in resisting dielectric properties and chemicals. Composite fittings are made from graphite, carbon and fiberglass. The materials in these fittings have high melting points and work well in high temperatures.

Jun 15

Repairing iPhones

By Michelle Turner | Technology

Repairing an iPhone may be easy or it can turn out to be more complex depending upon the extent of the damage. Regardless, you will have to take your iPhone to a professional service center for any type of repairs.

Any kind of accidental damage to your iPhone are not usually covered under the warranty. Therefore, repairs due to some type of accident would be paid for out of pocket. Most screen type repairs would not be included in warranty coverage.

Believe it or not, there are some repairs to your iPhone that you may be able to take care of yourself. For example, if you iPhone is not charging correctly you may be able to repair that problem yourself.

Fixing or repairing a broken charge point can be done quite easily by simply replacing the lighting dock within your iPhone device. Depending upon the manufacturer, you should be able to find repair instructions on the Internet. Replacing the lighting dock yourself will save you time, money and possibly aggravation.

General tools needed to repair the lighting dock include screw driver, suction cup as well as a razor blade. All tools needed for repair are easy to locate as well as purchase.

Replacing your iPhone screen is actually easier than most people think. Replacing your iPhone screen can be done within 10-15 minutes. Replacing the screen entails transferring some parts from your damaged iPhone. However, you can also purchase iPhone displays with all parts pre-installed.

A damaged or broken head phone jack can easily be replaced without spending a great deal of money. The biggest obstacle to overcome when repairing a broken head phone jack is trying not to damage the Touch ID mechanism. The Touch ID mechanism can be damaged quite easily once you open the cover of your iPhone when attempting to repair.

Repairing a head phone jack on your iPhone is a simple matter of following directions exactly as written. The entire head phone repair process should take between 45 minutes ad one hour. If the head phone jack is part of the dock assembly then your job will be a bit easier.

Repairing the head phone jack involves replacing one of the main cables. Therefore you will need a replacement cable as well as soldering tools. Once you purchase the new cable and you have access to the appropriate repair tools, it is a simple matter of following step by step directions.

There are some iPhone repairs you can do yourself if you are willing to take the time. As previously stated, making repairs yourself certainly will save you money. Keep in mind, there will be some iPhone repairs that you will not be able to do on your own. Therefore, you will have to send the iPhone out for repairs or take it to a iphone screen repair Montreal shop, assuming you are in Montreal like the majority of our readers are. But just about any city will have repair shops for you to take your phone to.

Repairs on an iPhone typically can take between 2-14 days depending upon what needs to be done. In addition, if parts must be ordered then that will certainly add additional time to your repair.

Apr 17

Must-Read SEO Tips For Your Website

By Michelle Turner | Computers , Technology

If you don’t take proactive measures to increase the traffic flow to your website, the million other businesses in your niche are simply going to roll over you and take whatever business you had. Not only will working on the SEO of your website draw in more visitors, it will help to widen the gap between you and the rest of your competition so you can focus on growing your business. Before we jump right into the tips, it is worth mentioning that if any of this information is too complicated, your website and business would greatly benefit from hiring a SEO expert to help implement some of the advice mentioned here.

Here are a few simple SEO tips you can implement easily that will have the biggest positive impact on your web traffic.

The first thing you need to do is to make certain you have some type of traffic analyzing program installed. If you don’t know how much traffic you are getting and from where, how can you tell if changes are positively impacting your website? Google Analytics is free, and it will show you traffic numbers, sources, and how long and where they stayed on your site.

In order for the right targeted traffic to find your website, you have to be using the right keywords to grab their attention. To do this, you need to really invest some time in keyword research, and look for long tail phrases that are localized and descriptive at the same time. A generic search term of “puppy training” will land you on page 5 million of 45 million, but a search term of “German Shepard puppy training in Dallas” will get you on page one easily.

Make sure that your website is running like a well-oiled machine. That means you need to check the speed that pages load, how all the links on the website work, how many click the navigation takes to get you to the right pages, and get rid of all that clutter you piled on to the home page. There are plenty of free tools online that will allow you to check the health of your website features.

Take some time to check out the meta fields of your website. This is the road-map the search engines use to index and rank all your content. Fill in the pages according to the content on that page and do not stuff keywords just for the sake of gaming the system or it will come back someday to bite you. Don’t get overwhelmed at the amount of these fields that need to be filled in or corrected, a few each day will begin to show results.

Take the time to check the links coming to your website and within the content. Google is penalizing websites that abuse this practice, the links coming to your site must be from relevant or related websites of you risk getting dropped in the ranking. Again, there are plenty of free tools online that you can use to analyze the links.

Now you see how easy this can be if you are committed to the process. In short order you are going to see a positive change in the flow of traffic to all your website pages.

Mar 27

How Earplugs Help You Sleep

By Michelle Turner | Technology

Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy body and a strong mind. Unfortunately, the majority of the population cannot get a restful nights sleep because they are plagued by a noisy environment, unpleasant neighbors, or a spouse who snores all night long. However, earplugs can offer some relief for sleep deprived individuals and help them sleep better. Below are just some advangtages you get by getting a pair of the best ear plugs to cancel noise.


Falling Asleep In A Noisy Environment


Falling asleep in a noisy environment’s impossible for a majority of the population. Whether you live in an area that receives a significant amount of traffic, fighting neighbors, or wildlife, these are not ideal sleeping conditions. However, when you use earplugs, you can easily drowned out those unwanted noises and get a full night of sleep. Proper fitting earplugs will cover the entire opening of the ear cancelling out the outside world. Promoting a fulfilling nights sleep every time you go to bed.


Preventing Unnecessary Anxiety


It seems as though the moment your head hits your pillow, you begin to hear strange and unusual noises that you’ve never heard before. This can cause unwanted anxiety about where these noises are coming from. All too often, our minds have a tendency to run away with a thought especially when you have nothing else to do but focus on your thoughts. The house settling suddenly becomes a burglar tiring to get into your house, making it even harder to get some sleep. Your adrenaline kicks in and you lay in bed waiting for the next noise, listening harder, and causing your body’s on high alert when you need to rest.


When you use earplugs they will help to eliminate those unusual sounds and prevent that high alert state that keeps you awake for hours on end. You will be able to restfully sleep all night long without being alarmed by random noise occurring somewhere in your home that is most likely just your house settling or the wind blowing a branch against the window. In addition, by keeping anxiety levels down, your body will feel better and more rested in the morning that it would if you fell asleep stressed and worried about an unwanted intruder.


Uninterrupted Sleep


One of the best ways that earplugs help you get a better nights sleep is by preventing you from being awaken during your sleep. Sudden noises like a car alarm or fire truck can wake someone from their sleep in an instant, making it difficult for them to fall back asleep. Whats more frustrating is living in a high traffic area where there are constant noises occurring all throughout the night and early mornings. This can learn you waking up and falling asleep constantly throughout the night. You wake up tired and worn out when you should feel refreshed and full of energy. By wearing earplugs during your sleep, you prevent yourself from ever being woken up by these loud, ear-piercing sounds again.


Mar 07

How to Put Together Your FIFA Ultimate Team

By Michelle Turner | Games

There are many different ways to create a great team on FIFA Ultimate Team. By saving up FIFA coins and spending them on the right group of guys you will be able to dominate other teams. Here are some ways to make extra FIFA coins and how to build a team that will be unstoppable.

How to Get FIFA Coins

FIFA coins are the currency used to purchase players. You receive coins from winning matches, using coin boosts, participating in weekly challenges and tournaments, and buying and selling on the Transfer Market. By combining these methods of earning coins, you will be able to save up enough to purchase any player you want. If you do not have the patience for that and have some disposable income, you can head to to buy some cheap coins for real money.

Where to Start

To start, you should purchase players with only bronze ratings and play multiple matches in order to make money. When purchasing these players, pay close attention to the chemistry your players have with each other. Chemistry is affected by where the players are from, what division they play in, what team they play for, and if they are playing the position they are natural to. The higher your team’s chemistry, the better the team will play together.

Build a Silver Team

Once you have earned about fifteen thousand coins, sell all of your players, attempting to earn twenty thousand from the sales. Now, repeat the process with a silver team. Buy players with a good chemistry and play until you have earned a nice chunk of coins. When you feel you have enough, sell all your players again and purchase all low rated gold players with good chemistry.

Improve Your Gold Team

Play some matches with your new gold team and save up some more coins. When you are ready, sell half of your players and purchase the highest rated player you can afford. Use these players until they become slow and tired, then sell them as well. Continue this cycle until you have a team of all highly rated players with good chemistry.

Other Ways to Accumulate FIFA Coins

If this cycle becomes too boring for you, there are other ways to make enough coins to buy new players. You can purchase coins with real money if you do not want to spend the time making it yourself. Playing the Transfer Market can be one of the fastest ways to earn coins. By purchasing players at a low value and selling them at a higher price you can make coins quickly. Buying a large quantity of one player card in hopes that they will increase in value is another option.


Bidding on player card auctions can get you a deal on a card that you may be able to sell for more at a later time. Remember that EA will tax you five percent and calculate that in. When selling cards, you can either set your buy it now price to the market average and the length of the auction to an hour or set your buy it now price to a few hundred over and give it a few hours to sell.

Creating the ultimate team on FIFA Ultimate Team can be done a number of different ways. Save up your FIFA coins, create a team with high chemistry, and continue to improve your players to make your own ultimate team.

Mar 03


By Michelle Turner | Technology


As an artist and craftswomen who wants to use social media to build my business I find myself a bit confused about the most effective way to use the various venues that are available, but seem to have some sort of a language that I haven’t been quite able to understand. Consequently I find myself simply adding content to my Instagram account and hoping, somehow, to reach people who will be interested in my products and gain more instagram followers in the process. And yet, I know that’s not really going to do what I want and so I’m going to just buckle down and learn the social media speak.

Having heard many times that Instagram is one of the best ways to reach potential customers or people who might be interested in what I love and do, I decided to spend time learning just how to catch up and utilize this really remarkable tool, and become well informed.


First I went directly to Instagram and clicked on “How to grow my audience on Instagram”. First things first, start with a great image and to make it even better, there are ways to edit the photo using effects and filters with the icon + at the bottom of the screen. You can also edit a photo taken on your phone with the Instagram app. To help bring interest to your own account, go to Search and Explore, check out accounts you are interested in and begin to follow them. This is a really good way to connect with people who share your interests and who will in turn begin to follow you.

Instagram recommends using hash tags when you post and be sure to link your account to other social media you may be using, like Face book or Twitter. Also, add a link to your Instagram account on your embedded email signature. To grow an audience for a business, they suggest Instagram Ads and there is a great deal of information about how to use this feature successfully. Hooray for me, that’s just what I need!


For additional information, I googled “How to get Followers in Instagram”, and found a sites that offers a good bit of information about how to build and maintain your account and some even offer newsletters with tips and suggestions. Another good suggestion I discovered is to keep your account current and relevant. This does require taking some time to figure out exactly why you have your Instagram account and forming an honest and perhaps unusual identity that is of interest to yourself and others as well.

Something else I and found really useful is to stay in touch with the Instagram Blog because that’s where to find community and inspiration. Another good point is that it’s important to be consistent in posting often and do your best to be interesting and fun. I realized that the act of researching and learning about what make Instagram function made me feel it was easier than I thought and if I apply myself and use the information available, I’d be able to grow my audience and my business.

Some more tips:

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